Parisi Bread York City Delivery

 Affordable Bread Delivery Services to Restaurants and Delicatessens

Parisi Bread is made daily, from the brick oven into our trucks to be delivered to eateries, restaurants,  and delicatessens throughout New York City. Our bread is very fresh when it gets into the hands of our customers.

Our customers either resell our bread or include it as an integral part of their food offerings. We can make up special orders that are priced based on volume and complexity.

We stand behind our bread and ensure 100% satisfaction. We focus on thoroughly delighting our customers by providing prompt delivery and high-quality products. We also offer value-added services, such as making bread crumbs from your unused bread at no charge. For our regular customers, we offer a second delivery run if they’re out of our bread.

We deliver bread to various establishments, restaurants, bistros, deli’s, bodegas, and all types of eateries from Italian, American, Cambodian to Vietnamese, just to name a few. We welcome new orders for the variety of bread products we make. Parisi Bakery will work with you to define the bread product you want.

For more information regarding Parisi Bakery delivery for your retail business, contact us at (212) 460-8750.

Parisi New York City Parisi Bread Distribution
For New York City Parisi Bread Delivery call (212) 460-8750