Parisi Bakery  Delicatessen

Our Famous Sandwiches are: Fresh, Delicious, Abundant and made from Best Ingredients

Parisi Bakery Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street is where we started our bakery 116 years ago. This building’s basement still contains our original brick oven where we baked our very first loaf of bread. In 1974, we moved our bakery to 290 Elizabeth Street to satisfy the rising retail customer demand for Parisi Bread to modern commercial bakery environment. All Parisi baking was transferred to our Elizabeth location, leaving our original our store as a friendly neighborhood connection to the public as a full-featured delicatessen and place to buy our bread.


Our Delicatessen originally was Operated and Managed by Joe Parisi

Our Deli was being run by the grandson of our founder, who is also named Joe. Joe is the older brother of Franki Parisi, (manages bread distribution) and Mike Parisi, (bakes the bread). Joe exclusively handles the delicatessen part of the business.

joe parisi owner and manager of the parisi bakery deli
   Joe Parisi

Joe was pure energy in motion behind the counter and a joy to watch. He was fast moving and fast-talking while filling deli orders. Joe was always ready to welcome customers with his wonderful smile.

Joe was named after the Grandfather and founder of the bakery.  Both Joe’s were extremely hardworking, loved to laugh, and joke and of course loved to eat the best Italian food. Sadly we will miss Joe, but he will remain forever as part of the Parisi family legacy and will endure in our hearts.

Joe’s family will continue to run and manage the Parisi Bakery Delicatessen with the same pride and devotion that Joe gave to our Parisi Traditions. Click on our  Way of Life webpage to learn about the Parisi Traditions.


Parisi Bakery Delicatessen Famous for Parisi Bread and Sandwiches

The Parisi Bakery Delicatessen is committed to providing the best quality, finest and freshest Italian specialty foods and our own renowned Parisi Bread. Our delicatessen is a full function Italian deli and famous throughout New York City where Frank Sinatra bought Parisi Bread.

Parisi Bakery Deli
Parisi Bakery Delicatessen with Joe behind the counter

Parisi Bakery Delicatessen has also created a great reputation for best-quality and delicious sandwiches. Of course, our sandwiches are famous because of two things: firstly, our fresh Parisi Bread and secondly the abundance of the finest and freshest ingredients.

Our delicatessen’s uncompromising standards are set by Joe Parisi, a tough, demanding manager, to ensure our reputation is maintained of providing the most Freshest, Delicious, Abundant and Best Quality Sandwiches in New York City.

We run our delicatessen the same way we ran our bakery for 3 generations as a family-owned business dedicated to hard work and focused on delivering the best value possible at a reasonable price for our customers. This may be the reason why our delicatessen is often crowded and why we have customers that have patronized us for over 50 years.

Parisi Bakery Delicatessen also provides catering for your party, home, and office. Our menu includes an array of different food items to suit any taste. We have something for everyone.

Please stop by our Parisi Bakery Delicatessen and try one of our Parisi Sandwiches. I promise you will not be disappointed. With our famous and delicious Parisi Sandwiches, we make sure our fresh bread is always available at 5:30 AM in our delicatessen to be used to build our sandwiches that include an abundance of finest-quality ingredients of the best choice of meats, cheeses, roasted peppers, crispy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, condiments, etc. We make a great sandwich!


Did Frank Sinatra Patronize the Parisi Bakery?

Frank Sinatra visited our bakery on Mott Street many times, as did Andy Rooney. Both Andy and Frank were our best customers. For many years, we frequently sent Frank Sinatra our bread special delivery. Andy Rooney wrote an article about Frank Sinatra served Parisi Bread at lunch, click here to read the article.


Come to our deli and stand at the same spot where we served Frank and Andy and buy a loaf of our Parisi Bread for yourself. Many out-of-town tourists come to visit Our delicatessen to order a sandwich for lunch and take a few photos to show the folks back home the bakery where Frank Sinatra bought his bread. They are usually impressed by our remarkable sandwiches.


Please call us on (212) 226-6378 to discuss next Event  or  your Catering plans.


Parisi Bakery is located at 290 Elizabeth Street, Greenwich Village NY City, NY

Parisi Bakery Delicatessen Front-store Window

Parisi Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street, Little Italy NY City, NY
Parisi Bakery Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street
Joe Parisi the man behide the parisi Bakery Deli
Joe Parisi behind the counter asking, “Posso aiutarla?” (Can I Help You?)
Inside the Parisi Bakery Delicatessen. This is where Frank Sinatra & Andy Rooney brought their bread.
inside the parisi Bakery Deli
Parisi Bread on ther shelf at Parisi Bakery Delicatessen
Parisi Italian Bread stacked at the front window
Parisi Italian Bread stacked at the front window