parisi italian bread

parisi italian bread

parisi fresh rolls

freshly baked italian bread

loaves of round italian bread

loaves of freshly baked italian bread

italian bread

Parisi Bakery founded in 1903

We started are bakery in the basement of 198 Mott Street by Joe Parisi. It was later moved by Bob Parisi to its current location at 290 Elizabeth Street.

Our bakery is a fully equipped industrial bakery that is dedicated to producing fine Italian Bread. Parisi Bread can be purchased by the consumer over-the-counter in at our bakery at 290 Elizabeth Street, as well as, through the Parisi Bakery Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street. Also, our bread is sold to New York City’s: groceries, delicatessens, bodegas, sandwich shops, eateries, restaurants, bistros, cafes, and caterers.

As a commercial bakery, we prepare daily approximately 2,000 lbs of dough. Most of our bread is sold and distributed to 100’s foodies, restaurants and delicatessens throughout New York City.

Parisi Bakery is one of the few bakeries in the city that still have and use brick ovens. Our bakery’s centerpiece is two giant, brick-ovens and a rotisserie brick oven. Our brick-ovens give our bread a distinctive flavor and firm crispness that’s a noticeable signature of Parisi Bread. We uncompromisingly select the finest and high-quality ingredients to make our breads according to old-world recipes by our founder Joe Parisi.

We rely on proven baking methods that we have developed and tested through 3 generations of Parisi Bakers. The results are the best tasting; freshest bread you can buy with a golden-brown crispy crust and soft center. We offer a better value than our competitors; compare our high-quality Parisi Bread with all natural ingredients to our competitor’s bread for body, texture, and taste.

Call Parisi Bakery on (212) 460-8750

original parisi bakery store in new york city
Original Parisi Bakery at 198 Mott Street
 Parisi Bakery at 290 Elizabeth Street
Parisi Bakery Deli
Parisi Bakery Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street
parisi bakery
Wrapping Parisi Pizzas for the Lunch Crowd


The Finest Italian Breads & Pizza

All we make is bread, no cakes,  no pastries, no cupcakes – just breads!

Parisi Bakery makes all types of bread  small rolls,  biscuits, hero rolls, hoagie rolls, and a large variety of Italian Breads .

There is one exception we do make pizza.  Parisi pizza is our own special recipe for a napoletana style pizza.  Stop by our bakery to buy our pizza.

Parisi Bread is the world famous crusty italian bread that’s  known for it’s taste, body and soft center.

Call Parisi Bakery on (212) 460-8750