Parisi Bakery’s Head Bakers

parisi Bakery founder Joe Parisi

1903 to 1968: Joe is the founder of the Parisi Bakery that started at 198 Mott St. Joe created the bakery using bread recipes from Europe and focused the bakery solely on bread products. Joe’s recipes are kept secret. Joe appears in the photo with his son Bob.

Joe Parisi

Founder of Parisi Bakery

bbo parisi owner and devloper of parisi bakery

1968 to 1992: Bob extended the family business and moved the bakery from  Mott St. to Elizabeth St. and created the Parisi Bakery Delicatessen. Bob was the head baker for 24 years, with over 32 years of experience in the bakery and delicatessen business. Bob was taught the bakery business by his father, Joe.

Bob Parisi

Expanded Parisi Bakery

Parisi Bakery head Baker

1992 to Present: Mike started baking from age 14 and was taught by this Father, Bob. Mike knows the bakery business inside and out. Mike has over 37 years of baking experience. He is the Parisi Head Baker.

Mike Parisi

Owner & Head Baker

vinny parisi

Vinny is our next Parisi baker that loves Parisi bread.

Vinny Parisi

Future Head Baker