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Round Italian Bread
Parisi Bread
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Parisi Bakery

 Our Parisi Bakery is composed of our Italian Bread Bakery, Parisi Bread Distribution to delicatessens & eateries and our famous Parisi Bakery Delicatessen.

When it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner, our Parisi Bread is always the best choice. We bake it fresh daily for over 100 years.

Need something unique for a party or other occasion.  Try a platter of our iconic Parisi Bread  Sandwiches.

Talk to us today about our specialty catering options. Whether it’s simply a bread order or our Parisi Bakery Delicatessen freshest Italian specialties, we will work with you to come up with something that’s completely delicious.

Call us (212) 460-8750 to discuss a bread order or arranging for our delicious Deli Italian  Specialties.


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Parisi Bakery is located 290 Elizabeth Street, Greenwich Village NY City, NY
Parisi Bakery
Parisi Delicatessen at 198 Mott Street, Little Italy NY City, NY
Parisi Bakery Delicatessen
Parisi Truck
Parisi Bread Delivery Service


mike the head baker at the Parisi Bakeryparisi bakery brick oven

parisi italian breadJoe parisi at the parisi Deli

parisi breaditalian bread

famous parisi sandwichparisi bread sanwich from thre parisi bakery deli

Parisi Bakery Tradition

Today, we don’t deliver by horse drawn wagon, but we still keep our old Parisi Bakery ways of doing business:

  • Still owned and operated by the Parisi Family, since 1903
  • Quality standards are passed down from father to son to grandson
  • Our work-ethics is why we make the best New York bread daily
  • We provide on-time delivery– ready for the market early morning
  • Our bread is made from original old-world recipes from our founder
  • We still use  brick-ovens and it makes a difference
  • Our bread is made from high-quality ingredients with nothing artificial
  • Our family business is connect to Parisi Bread and includes:
    • Our famous Parisi Bakery at 290 Elizabeth Street,
    • Citywide Bread Delivery
    • Parisi Bakery Delicatessen known for our famous Parisi Sandwiches

To learn more about Parisi Traditions, click on A Way of Life.

When you need catering, you want it done right. Our Parisi Bakery Delicatessen can provide you with delicious cuisine for your next event, whether you host it at your office or home or at a different location. Call us (212) 226-6378 today to talk about the kind of foods you’d like to have at your next event.

Whether you’re having a large party, luncheon, or you want finger foods for a community event, reach out to us today. We’ll provide you with an an assorted menu and we can plan your next event together.


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I was going there in the late 60s & 70s. They had the best bread you can buy anywhere. I remember the owner Bobby and his son Joey & daughter Camile when they were little kids. They also made the best tuna fish sandwichs on friday.

Johnny  Monte


Best bread, lard bread 🥖 in NYC

Michael Pisciotti


Best place for satisfying sandwiches! already know that!

Delicious sandwiches · Tasty breakfast sandwiches · Great breakfast · Convenient location

Paul Calla


The sandwiches are great. Better than or equal to Defonte’s or Faicco’s. They’ll make anything you want. But the best thing about Parisi is the prosciutto bread. Take some home and dip it in some EVOO

testimonial by ben hankins

Ben Hankins